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PowerPoint Backgrounds for every occasion!

Spruce up your PowerPoint slides with our vast array of backgrounds!

PowerPoint Backgrounds Vol. 1

Vol. 1 - Patterns
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Hi-resolution graphics designed by professional agency artists.
All Background Volumes Include:
A wide range of color palette choices and photos.
Opaque banners that let you see images behind slide content.
Easy-to-understand instructions for applying background templates.
All backgrounds are pre-formatted to work with Microsoft 97 or later and
no experience is required to use them! Browse all now

Sub-Volume of Backgrounds: $10.95

Full Volume of Backgrounds: $24.95

All 3 Volumes (over 600 backgrounds): $49.95...Buy Now

All Templates & Backgrounds: $79.95... Buy Now

PowerPoint Backgrounds Vol. 2

PowerPoint Backgrounds Vol. 3

Sub-Volumes: $10.95
Entire Volume: $24.95

Our collection of patterned and textured backgrounds is one of the best you'll find anywhere.

Broken out into sub-volume by colors, there are over 250 different patterned backgrounds to choose from, from subtle to bold. All backgrounds are high-resolution so they won't be grainy or dull.

Vol. 2 - Photos
Vol. 3 - Color Blocks
Sub-Volume: $10.95
Entire Volume: $24.95
Sub-Volume: $10.95
Entire Volume: $24.95

Bring your PowerPoint presentation to life with 100 different royalty-free photo backgrounds from Presentation Cafe.

Our photo backgrounds are broken out into four sub-volumes: Business, Community and Nature 1& 2, giving you the option to purchase just those photos that meet your needs.

Simple, but effective "Color Block" backgrounds ensure that you have all the blends you need for each major color.

Our color block images are high-resolution, so you can be assured that your blends are not going to look grainy or pixelate.