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Do you need a PowerPoint Template or a Background?

What's the difference between a PowerPoint Template and a PowerPoint Background? Not much, actually - since they both will help make your PowerPoint presentation look more compelling. The main difference is how integrated each type becomes with your presentation. Templates are more integrated, while backgrounds are less so. Below is a more detailed explanation of the two:
PowerPoint Templates
PowerPoint templates are tightly integrated design "packages" that contain lots of specific details on how your presentation should look.

Our templates include 3 types of related images, custom typography and coordinated color schemes.
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PowerPoint Backgrounds
The Quick Answer
The Quick Answer
PowerPoint Backgrounds are simply images that can be embedded underneath your presentation. They do not alter any of the content itself.

Our background images are all high-resolution and properly sized for PowerPoint use.
PowerPoint Template Details
When you apply a template to an existing presentation, all of the presentation's fonts, colors, sizes and styles are converted to the new styles associated with the template.
When creating a new presentation, the template works with PowerPoint's "Add a Slide" feature - it knows what type of slide you are adding, and chooses the right design style.
Templates are still very flexible. Any font, color or style can be changed manually on the slide. Or an entire template can be altered at the "Master" level, which will make changes throughout the entire presentation.
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PowerPoint Template Details
Background images are not integrated with the entire presentation. They can be applied to any single slide or across all slides within a presentation.
You can apply multiple backgrounds to a single presentation (which you can't do with templates). You can even add a background to a slide with an existing template embedded.
You can make your own "template" out of a background by creating a unified set of colors, fonts and styles in the "Master" template.
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If you see a background you like, but would rather it be a template, you can easily convert it yourself!